Google Search Results Get More Personalized

On Thursday, Google took the next step in its continuing efforts to focus on high-quality sites by announcing a new feature that allows users to weigh in on the quality debate and block particular sites from their future search results. A similar feature is available in new search engine Blekko, which allows users to limit their search results to a select group of sites. Another search engine (DuckDuckGo) has chosen to exclude so-called content farm sites from its results entirely. Here is a quick rundown on how Google’s new blocking feature works.


Meet The Typical Person

I ran across an interesting video put together by National Geographic recently that got me thinking about the future of marketing. It is part of a series of stories on the fact that the earth’s population is nearing 7 billion people. There are a number of articles and videos on the site that discuss the implications of this fact on society. The particular video that grabbed my attention was a profile of the most typical person on earth right now, based on averaging all sorts of physical and demographic data from around the world.


The Value of Relationships in Affiliate Marketing

Today, I wanted to write about one of the most basic concepts in business – building stronger relationships with your clients and business partners will help you grow your business. While it’s easy to say this is your goal, it isn’t always obvious how to go about building those relationships. So, today I will break down a few easy ways for you to build more successful business relationships that will add value to you and your company.


5 Tips for Creating a Terrible Website or Landing Page

It’s been a while since I put together a tongue-in-cheek post of bad online marketing tips, so I thought I would add to the series that has included 10 Tips to Becoming an Unsuccessful Affiliate and 5 Tips to Creating a Totally Unresponsive and Unprofitable Email Program. Today, I wanted to give you a few really suggestions for building a website or landing page that will simply never resonate with your audience and get them to convert.


Google Looks to Root out Search Result Spam

Interesting blog post from Google’s Matt Cutts last Friday, regarding the search engine’s efforts to minimize “spammy” search results. He starts off with a little history about how Google has become much better at delivering quality search results (reducing English-language spam in Google search results by over 50% over the last five years). Then Cutts mentions that the company has seen a slight “uptick” in spam in recent months and goes on to discuss some new initiatives the company has put in place to improve search result quality.


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