Media Breakaway Tennis Tournament Update

As we continue to bring you latest coverage of the 3rd Annual Media Breakaway Tennis Tournament, we have some breaking news to report. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen circumstance, Tracey Pollard has been forced to drop out of the Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament as Steve Richter’s partner. While everyone at Media Breakaway is disappointed to hear that they will not get to witness the skills Pollard has been developing over the past 6 months, they are excited for another newcomer to enter the tournament. Jazette Pester has been recruited from the ranks to join Richter as his new teammate for the Mixed Doubles Tournament.


Bring on the Racquets!

With the finale of the 2011 Scavenger Hunt, that can only mean one thing; it’s time for the 3rd annual Media Breakaway tennis tournament to begin!

This past Wednesday, Steve Richter, President of Media Breakaway, LLC announced the commencement of the 3rd annual Media Breakaway tennis tournament. “After taking a short seven-month rest, our players have finally recuperated from last year’s four-month long tournament” said Mr. Richter. “We’re all looking forward to seeing how things shake out this year in the Men’s Tournament, as well as the results of our first annual Mixed Doubles Tournament”.


2011 Media Breakaway Photo Scavenger Hunt!

This week the entire staff of Media Breakaway took part in the 2nd Company Photo Scavenger Hunt! Employees were divided into 6 teams, each of which created their own personal identities.


National Dress Like Your CEO Day

Did you know that June 16th is ‘National Dress Like Your CEO Day’?

Thankfully, Jason Jugert, Affiliate Marketing Awards, Affiliate Manager of the Year, and Sr. Advertising Account Executive, Jon Ringhofer knew and planned ahead for this historic day. Having always looked up to their fashionable CEO, Scott Richter, the two sported the same pair of plaid O’Neill shorts they’ve been admiring from afar for so long.


What Can Online Marketers Learn From Charlie Sheen?

You may have heard that actor Charlie Sheen has been in the news a little bit lately. And by a little bit, I mean that unless you have been living under a rock or comatose for the past couple of weeks you probably haven’t been able to avoid hearing about Sheen on an almost daily basis. The quick synopsis is that Sheen, who has had a number of highly publicized personal issues over the past few years, began doing a series of increasingly over the top interviews in which he pretty much burned every bridge with the producers and network of his recent hit show (Two and a Half Men). The network fired back…literally…by firing Sheen from his show.


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