Happy New Year!

Have a very Happy New Year from everyone on the affiliate.com team! We’re all looking forward to a great 2011!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone on the affiliate.com team! If you don’t happen to be located in the United States… then we wanted to wish you a Happy Thursday!


Black Friday Coupons and Shopping Tips

While we are all online marketers, we are consumers, too. So, as you enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow – hopefully with a big turkey dinner and some football on the TV – I thought I would help you prepare for the shopping insanity of Black Friday. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this year’s annual shopping extravaganza.


iPad – On the Road Review

When I flew out to ad:tech New York recently, I decided to leave my laptop at the office and see how well the iPad would handle the out of office workload. For me, this basically meant checking email, getting online and visiting various websites, and writing some blog posts (including this one). So, how did the iPad do?


Learning Something New

Recently, I wrote an article comparing becoming a better snowboarder to growing your affiliate marketing business. The main idea was that the only way to get better was to push your limits, which in snowboarding leads to falling a lot as you learn new skills, and in affiliate marketing leads to running campaigns that don’t perform as you learn how to optimize a new verticle. That article got me thinking about learning new skills in general.

I’m not an expert on psychology or theories of how we learn, but as I think about it there seem to be a couple of main ways that we learn something new…


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