Order on the Court

In one of the most anticipated matches of the 2011 Media Breakaway Men’s Tennis Tournament, 2009 Men’s Champion Steve Richter took on up-and-comer Jason Von Feldt in a stunning match to end all matches. As they began, Von Feldt seemed to be playing unusually well, running out to a 2-0 lead over Richter. However, the adrenaline-filled Von Feldt began to suddenly lose his steam, while Richter began playing to the level of his 2009 Championship game.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Von Feldt in a statement after the match. “I had him, but then he seemed to gain this power over me with his cat-like skills. I had a mental breakdown and just couldn’t get it back together.”

In the end Richter ended up defeating Von Feldt 6-4, 6-1. As Von Feldt left the podium, you could hear him quietly mutter “I’ll have my revenge.”

Afterwards, Richter took the podium to address his adoring fans. “While there were some scary moments in the beginning, I was extremely confident that my stamina would outlast that of my challenger,” said Richter. “However, he is an extremely worthy opponent and I look forward to seeing and playing him in future tournaments.”

For future matches, rumor has it around the office that the 2nd Chance Bracket is beginning play early next week. There are sure to be some fun and entertaining matches brought to you by those competitors who we didn’t get to see much from in the Championship bracket.

The second semi-final match between Scott Richter and Doug Davis has yet to be played, but you can be sure that the affiliate.com blog will be the first to let you know who will be taking on Steve Richter in the 2011 Men’s Championship Final!

Stay up-to-date on all tournament scores by visiting http://www.affiliate.com/2011tennis.

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