The Final Four

The Final Four of the 3rd Annual Media Breakaway Tennis Tournament have finally been determined! As predicted, front runners Scott Richter and Doug Davis have advanced in their bracket and will be playing each other for a coveted spot in the Final Championship Game.

On the other side, in an amazing upset, Jason Von Feldt has taken out top seeded Jon ‘Ringo’ Ringhofer and will challenge another top seeded, player, Steve Richter for the other spot in the Championship Final.

In the battle for the final spot in the Final Four, Steve Richter played Chris Cantzler in an unyielding and breathtaking match which resulted in Richter beating Cantzler 7-6, 6-4. Afterwards, Richter leaped over the net in celebration to congratulate his opponent on a match well played.

In other news, the final bracket has been drawn for the 2nd Chance Championship. Josh Culver will be taking on Julian Villavicencio, Aaron Kendall goes against Joey Kemp and Paul Hardebeck will vie against Scott ‘Woody’ Woodruff.

Stay tuned to see the results of what will come to be known as that match of the century, also known as the 2011 Media Breakaway Men’s Championship Final, and to see the first round results of the 2nd Chance Championship!

Click Here to See the Full Bracket Results.

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