What is CPA Advertising?

Cost-Per-Action Advertising (also called Performance-Based Advertising) allows advertisers to pay a pre-determined amount each time a potential customer completes a specific action that the advertiser has requested. Whether that action is clicking on an ad, submitting an email address, filling out a form, downloading a program, or purchasing a product, the advertiser is able to decide what action they want generated and how much they will pay each time that action is generated.

Traditional Advertising - The advertiser pays to have their marketing message broadcasted to an audience. The cost is typically based on the number of consumers it reached. This model is most commonly seen in TV, Radio, and Print advertising channels. You create an ad, pay to have it put in a place where you anticipate a large number of potential customers will see it and then you hope that some of them become customers. The ad costs you the same amount whether you generate thousands of new customers, one new customer, or no new customers. The monetary risk lies entirely with the advertiser.

CPA Advertising - The advertiser pays to drive a specific action from potential customers. This could be as simple as clicking on a banner ad (arguably the most basic form of CPA Advertising) or as complex as completing a registration form, registering for a membership, or purchasing a product. From the advertiser's standpoint, CPA Advertising represents a huge evolutionary leap from traditional marketing. Advertising budgets can now be tied directly to results - and revenue.

How affiliate.com Utilizes CPA Advertising - affiliate.com focuses on lead generation. While some networks specialize in selling products and others on driving software downloads, our expertise is in producing qualified customer leads for our advertisers. If you are looking for digital hand raisers who express an interest in your product or service by submitting their contact information or filling out an online form, then our CPA Advertising solutions can help you grow your business.

Benefits of CPA Advertising for Advertisers

  • Only Pay for Results - The biggest benefit of CPA advertising is that you only pay for actual results - a lead or a sign up - which gives you complete control over your marketing budget.
  • Increased Reach - By leveraging the marketing expertise of our affiliates, you gain the benefits of having your brand and offer promoted to a potentially huge online audience of prospective customers.
  • Easy to Manage - affiliate.com becomes your single point-of-contact to gain access to a large virtual sales force of affiliates who can promote your offer. But, unlike working with all of these affiliates yourself, you simply work with your affiliate.com advertising account executive - simplifying your marketing management and accounting processes.

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